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10 Stress Reliever Tips

Many of us experience stress everyday. And our body essentially interprets any change as stress. So your source of stress may be from something pleasant or not so pleasant in your life.

It's very important for you to manage stress well. This is why you'll find these 10 stress reliever tips so helpful.

1) Manage your tasks.
Notice I said manage your "tasks" and not your time. We all have the same amount of time each day so it's the tasks you need to focus on. Take one thing at a time. Don't overdo things. Create time buffers (blocks of "free" time) to deal with unexpected emergencies. And, recognize that your day to day problems and responsibilities are the things that cause stress in your life. Tackle them with a stress reliever system that works for you.

Here a popular system or method you can use:

List the things you believe need to get done
Put them in order of importance
Decide what you need to do yourself, and what can be delegated
Decide which needs doing today, next week or next month
Decide what doesn't need doing after all, and drop it from the list...

You're not Superman or Wonder Woman. And everything won't collapse if you don't do everything on your list! Believing that statement gives you mastery over one of the greatest stress reliever techniques. This method puts you in control of your list instead of the other way around. And you've lost the stress that it caused you.

2) Learn how to say 'no'.
Simple, but effective. Where a 'no' is the appropriate answer, say it without guilt. Remember, you've only got so much time in the day and you need to include some quiet relaxation time for yourself. People will understand.

3) Work off stress with physical activity.
Pressure or anger releases adrenaline in the body. Exercise, or any physical activity, helps reduce it and produces 'good mood' substances in the brain. So go for a brisk walk around the block when you feel tense. Try some regular exercise after work. Or maybe tend your garden; wash your car; clean out a closet; or just about anything "mindless" that involves some physical activity is a great stress reliever.

4) Avoid nicotine, alcohol and caffeine.
These are all stimulants. They simply cannot calm you down. If you're stressed, avoid them or at least minimize them. And keep yourself well-hydrated by drinking water instead.

5) Relax. Enjoy a stress reliever technique every day.
Lots of choices here: yoga, meditation, reading a book, deep breathing and stretching exercises, or possibly self-hypnosis. Some of the deep breathing and stretching can even be done at your desk. Another idea is to close your eyes, listen to some relaxing, calm music for a few minutes and repeat a self-affirming mantra to yourself. For example, "I deserve calm in my life," or "I have a choice in every situation." Do this whenever you feel tense.

6) Get enough sleep.
And contrary to what you may brag about or believe, 5 or 6 hours a night is NOT enough. Sleep is essential for the body to function properly and therefore a very powerful stress reliever. Sleeping pills are not necessary if you change your life-style. If you've habitually skimped on sleep, you probably won't even remember how it feels to wake up fully rested. Give it a go for a week or two and see if there's a difference in how you perform during the day.

7) Don't feel well? Then take a rest.
Don't just carry on regardless. Working tires your body and prolongs the illness. So recognize you have limits and don't carry on as if you were firing on all cylinders. And the beauty is, by taking time off to get better; you'll feel better a lot sooner and may even avoid a worse illness.

8) You don't always have the win the disagreement!
Life shouldn't be a constant battleground. So even if you disagree with someone, avoid conflict by just agreeing or keeping quiet. After all, they have a right to their opinion, just as you do. You may even find yourself gaining a bit of popularity with this stress reliever tactic.

9) Learn to accept what you cannot change.
A well known prayer asks for the serenity "to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference". This philosophy will help you avoid unhappiness, cynicism and bitterness.

10) Listen to your body.
When you're tired, hungry or thirsty, do something about it. Also recognize stress and anger in your day and counter it immediately with a brisk walk, ten minutes' in deep relaxation or whatever works for you. You may even want to get some stress balls and put them in several places. Put them in various places around the house, in your car, and at work. This way you've always got a quick way to release some tension and stress at your fingertips.

These stress reliever tips will definitely help you cope with and reduce the stress in your life . . . if you use them! And please don't hesitate to also use them at work - many are compatible with the office. You may just be the company hero by setting the example and helping others to feel better too.

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