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Attacking Anxiety and Depression with Alternative Treatment Options

The battle with anxiety and depression can be a hard one to win. Anxiety and depression affects activity, mood, and relationships. Attacking anxiety and depression with an arsenal of conventional and alternative treatments can be effective.

Conventional methods for attacking anxiety and depression most commonly include psychotherapy and prescription medications in the form of antidepressants such as Zoloft, Paxil, or Lexapro. However, patients are no longer limited to these conventional methods. True, some medical professionals disagree that alternative treatments are as effective in attacking anxiety and depression as conventional methods. But many doctors are coming to the conclusion that when patients safely combine conventional and alternative treatments, anxiety and depression can be beat.

First things first: before beginning any alternative treatments speak to your doctor. It is possible to have interactions between some alternative treatment methods and particular prescription medications. If you are taking prescription medication, using alternative forms of treatment without your physician's approval is not worth the risk. SEE YOUR DOCTOR!

Let's now look at some of the many alternative ways of attacking anxiety and depression:

Educate yourself. Self-help books, tapes, and workshops are available. Join a group of people online and chat about symptoms, treatments, and progress. Self-help support groups may be available in your area. Such groups are typically run by a layperson who has overcome depression and anxiety. There is comfort in numbers and knowledge is power.

Monitor your diet. Ensuring that you have a healthy and balanced diet will help to battle your anxiety and depression. Specific vitamin deficiencies have been linked to anxiety and depression symptoms. Adding vitamin C tablets, magnesium supplements, or B-complex vitamins can be very beneficial. These vitamins help to support the neurotransmitters in the brain that have been found to relate to anxiety and depression. Thiamine also can help to alleviate anxiety symptoms. Remember - check with your doctor!

Supplementation. Herbal supplements such as St. John's Wort have been linked to reducing symptoms.

Spirituality and creativity. The comfort and inner peace associated with prayer and meditation are great symptom relievers. Release inner feelings and emotions through a painting or sculpture - art therapy can be very calming, relaxing and fun. There are many resources online and offline to help you.

Exercise and movement. Stay away from what bores you and go after something fun or challenging. Some people just get up and dance. Others enjoy the mental discipline and physical release of karate or tai chi.

Many alternative treatment options are available for attacking anxiety and depression symptoms. These options are most effective when in conjunction with conventional treatments. Consult your doctor to decide which methods are best for you.

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