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What Are Some Common Alternative Anxiety Cures?

If you have ever experienced a panic attack or severe anxiety can affect you, then you may be looking for professional help. If you visit a doctor or therapist, they may be interested in helping you through therapy or prescription medication. However if you prefer a more natural approach, then you should include some of these common alternative anxiety cures in your research.

   Acupuncture. Recently enjoying increased popularity, acupuncture is a Chinese method of placing needles into the body at specific pressure points. Doing so will alter the flow of energy in the body. It may sound a little "new-age-ish" or "cosmic", but it has a centuries-long track record of success. There are many testimonials from patients who emphatically state this was the anxiety cure they were searching for to alleviate their symptoms.

   Herbal remedies. These have been around for centuries. Although they have yet to be fully studied by the US Food and Drug Administration, history and clinical studies have shown that various herbs can provide relief from anxiety symptoms. These include:

     Lavender: its scent is used in aromatherapy helps to calm one's nerves and create a relaxing environment.

     Melissa: also known as lemon balm, it is used medicinally as an herbal tea or in extract form. It is claimed to have antibacterial, antiviral properties, and it is also used as a mild sedative or calming agent. At least one study has found it to be effective at reducing stress. Lemon balm essential oil is also very popular in aromatherapy. (Note: Lemon balm should be avoided by those on thyroid medication as it may inhibit the medicine's absorption.)

     St. John's Wort: this perennial plant helps to calm nervousness in patients. Although one of the alternative anxiety cures, it is typically associated with depression.

   Prayer and meditation. Although simple, these can be excellent anxiety cures. Relaxing the body into a comfortable seated position or stance helps to relax the mind. Rhythmic breathing can be useful during prayer and meditation. The calming or clearing of the mind can help patients to halt any unwanted thoughts or worries, freeing the mind of concerns.

   Massage. A relaxing massage can keep your mind off of the constant worries associated with anxiety disorder. Your body and mind will relax and release tension and stress with a calming massage. True, a massage may not directly attack the root cause of your anxiety, it can still be an effective cure.

   Movement therapy. When worries overwhelm you, get moving. Take a walk, practice dancing, or exercise. Activity helps cure anxiety by releasing endorphins into the body. Your mind is active and busy performing the requirements for the polka, for example, and less consumed with worry.

If you are suffering from anxiety and searching for an alternative cure, talk to your doctor. The two of you can decide which treatment methods are right for you. Massage therapy, herbal remedies, and movement therapy may be just the anxiety cures you are looking for to find relief from anxiety and panic attacks.

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