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Stress and Anxiety:

Main Causes and How to Relieve Them

Here we're talking about the main causes of everyday stress and anxiety. Not anxiety disorders. Just the milder form of anxiety associated with stress.

Essentially all of us experience some form of stress and anxiety on a daily basis. And many of the causes - or stressors - are common to us all. Another interesting factoid is that some people are more prone to stress than others. They have a low stress tolerance. This means they're more likely to be stressed by something that would roll off someone else's back.

Regardless, here are some of the most common causes of everyday stress and anxiety:

Money problems. Not enough to cover the bills, for example. You need a raise or you've lost your job.

The office or your job. You don't like what you're doing. Maybe you think you're in over your head and you're afraid of being "discovered." Your boss is a complete jerk. There's too much work and the deadlines are too short.

A troublesome personal relationship. This could be with your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, brother or sister, or just about anyone.

Children. You feel they're too much to handle. Or they are very rebellious. Or maybe you just don't think you've got any time to yourself anymore.

Busy, busy, busy. Everyday hassles and simply too much to do in too little time.

In our article 10 Stress Reliever Tips you'll find ideas to relieve some of these causes of stress and anxiety. In addition, below are two stress reliever ideas for each of these 5 common causes.

Take a hard look at what you're spending money on. Cut your debt and remember that "small" expenses add up FAST. Do you read every magazine you subscribe to? Cancel some of those subscriptions. Don't buy a $2 - $7 cup of coffee every day. Instead, make some at home and take it with you. How often are you eating out?

Think twice or even three times before you buy something new. Do you NEED it or do you WANT it? Will it genuinely improve your quality of life or will you feel more stress because you have less money? Slow down your spending and you'll probably experience less stress and anxiety.

Job Satisfaction
You may not be in the right job. But until you can change jobs just altering your outlook will relieve your stress anxiety. This refers to far more than adopting a positive outlook. I strongly recommend this book: What To Say When You Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. Use this book to help you eliminate your negative self talk patterns and you'll be absolutely amazed at how much better your job, your career, and anything else you apply it to will be. This is one of the most powerful tips I can ever give you.

Give yourself a pat on the back. Not all bosses and employers are good at recognition for a job well done and this often causes stress anxiety. So if your boss is "missing the boat" then use your own system. Treat yourself to a movie. Get a massage. Buy yourself some flowers or go to a ballgame. Reward yourself instead of sulking or brooding.

Troublesome Relationship
Research reveals that a relationship that has both "supportive and positive" as well as "hostile or negative" interactions is more stressful than a relationship that is completely negative! Make of list of all your friendships and acquaintances. Evaluate them and for all those that are negative or a combination, cross them off. Focus on spending time with people who are supportive and positive.

Make a sincere effort to look for the positive aspects of the other person, and focus on these. This is especially important when dealing with family. The other person will feel more appreciated and you'll likely enjoy your time with them more. And of course if you're enjoying yourself more you're experiencing far less stress anxiety.

You can actually involve your children in your stress reliever techniques. The double benefit is less stress and anxiety for you as you spend time with your children and enrich their experience.

Kids love to color and draw. Sit down and join them. Whether you use the crayons to draw pictures from scratch, or simply color in a coloring book . . . this is a marvelous way to eliminate stress anxiety. And go ahead and color outside the lines if you want to!

You've probably heard the benefits of having a pet include relieving stress. Make time to play with your kids and the pets. Play Frisbee with Fido. Play cat and mouse (toy mouse) with Fluffy. Feed hay to guinea pigs or relax watching fish swim in the aquarium. You'll relieve your stress as you continue to teach your children to care for others.

Here's an extra one for parents: Take a nap with your baby and/or toddlers. I know. The "sage" advice is to use nap time to get stuff done! But taking care of yourself is even better advice. Take a nap. Enjoy it. The other stuff will get done eventually.

Busy Schedule
Heard the expression: "If you want something done; give it to a busy person." While often true, if you're the person always saying "yes" then maybe you need to say "no" more often. Taking on more than anyone can reasonably handle is very unhealthy for you. Do some research on time management skills. You'll find some ideas on managing your tasks in 10 Stress Reliever Tips.

Delegate. Make certain everyone is helping to keep the house clean and getting meals on the table. You don't need to be the only one mowing the yard and using the weed whacker. Share the load.

And take time to plan out your day. Sometimes you'll find nice pockets of time by simply running errands more efficiently - plan your route. And if something is clear across town, can it wait until you've got a couple reasons to head over there?

Stress and anxiety take their toll on you. Some of these ideas may seem simple but that is precisely their magic. Please start incorporating these tips to relieve your stress and anxiety today. You'll be so much happier.

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