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Stress Balls: Another Idea to
Relieve Stress and Depression

In our article, Stress Balls as Stress Relievers we shared quite a bit of information on the subject of stress balls. And although there really isn't any definitive research to support the suggestion that stress balls relieve stress and depression, many people claim to benefit from using them.

Stress balls certainly won't do you any harm. And in addition to the possible benefits to stress and depression already mentioned, here are a few more.

Stress balls are also helpful in the treatment of the following conditions:

Arthritis - inflammation of joints associated with pain and swelling

Peripheral nerve weakness

Hemi paresis - weakness of one half of the body especially the fingers and the small joints.

Repetitive stress injury (RSI) pain

Stress relief balls are available online in various web sites. They are quite affordable. The price of good quality stress balls varies from $10 - $20. Stress balls are even available for as low as $1 each. And if you ever attend a trade show, you can most likely pick one up for free.

Stress balls work the reflexology points of the hand. They are useful for reducing tension, anxiety, stress and depression.

If you've never used one you can get the idea by trying this without a stress ball: Make a fist. Squeeze a little and hold this for a few seconds. That's good. Now relax your fist and feel the tension leave your hands and fingers.

Wait a moment and do this again. Only this time breathe in deeply when you tense your hands, and exhale when you let them relax a few seconds later. If you try this two or three times, squeeze a little harder each time as you go along.

This process is called progressive muscular relaxation, and can be done with every muscle group in your body. Because acute muscle tension is followed by relaxation when you release whatever muscle area you're working on, this stress management exercise can flush out a huge amount of muscle tension from your head to your toes.

If you combine this technique with your stress balls you'll get even greater relief from stress and depression. Stress balls are just one of the many stress relievers you ought to have in your stress management tool bag.

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