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Stress Balls as Stress Relievers

This wonderful item may not even be round. This powerful item may improve your health in a variety of ways including relieving stress and depression. And no; we're not talking about ball room dancing (stress balls) although it ought to be included in a list of effective stress relievers.

Stress balls are usually about the size of a tennis ball. You squeeze it to decrease muscular and overall tension. When you make a fist, with or without a stress ball in your hand, you're creating muscle tension. When you release your grip, muscular relaxation follows.

Many stress balls are a closed-cell foam rubber. Others contain a gel and are even used in physical therapy. Yet another type is made of a thin rubber membrane containing a fine powder. You could make this type at home. Simply fill a balloon with baking soda (try inserting the end of a funnell into the balloon, and pour baking soda into the funnel - then tie a knot in the end of the balloon).

And like we mentioned before, very few of these stress relievers are actually round. They're also a very popular promotional item for businesses and at trade shows. Shapes and designs include an airplane, train, car, penguin, dolphin, house, hammer, hand, heart, brick, animal, key, capsule or pill, football, baseball, fireman's hat, cell phone, nut and bolt, escalator, and so on. The shape is only limited by the buyer's imagination.

Basically these stress relievers are malleable toys, but they can serve a serious purpose. Stress balls and other stress toys can relieve repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

There isn't much research to confirm the effectiveness of stress balls in relieving stress and depression. Here are a few unproven theories regarding the role, mechanism and effects of stress balls.

By squeezing stress balls . . .

Your focus is taken away from the actual source of stress. This allows your mind to stabilize and leads to relaxation of both body and mind.

All that piled up mental energy is "let out" and again you enjoy a relaxation of your mind which generally continues to your body.

Your blood circulation improves. This gets more nutrients like oxygen and glucose flowing to where they're needed and eliminates the toxins like carbon dioxide and lactate.

There's a stimulation of the nerves in your hands. These nerves carry the signal to different areas in brain linked with emotions. In addition, stimulation of your brain also results in the production of endorphins which act as natural pain relievers and as sedatives. These are positive messages and signals within your brain.

The most popular environment for these stress relievers is the work place. This is partly why they're such a popular promotional give-away item. Someone in your office may already have some squeezable foam object (i.e., stress balls) with a vendor's logo on it.

Stress balls as stress relievers are worth trying. They certainly won't do you any harm. If someone hasn't already given you one for free, try eBay or

And for even more ideas for stress relievers and using your stress balls to maximum effectiveness, I invite you to read this article: Another Idea to Relieve Stress and Depression - Stress Balls.

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