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Stress Reliever Games

There's debate over how much science supports the premise that stress reliever games ease or lessen the amount of stress someone is experiencing. Regardless, many people claim to find relief and enjoyment from them. And even some psychologists recommend stress reliever games as a viable stress management tool.

Word of caution, though: some of these games are rather addictive! You may find yourself spending too much time playing the game. If it becomes a time waster you could easily undermine you attempts to relieve stress. How? You become frustrated with yourself about the time wasted playing the stress reliever game and not getting your work done.

So choose wisely. Test some stress reliever games out. And while you're "on the job" only play those that are designed to last a few minutes. Set the alarm on your watch or computer to go off after 4 or 5 minutes just to keep you on track.

You've got tons to choose from. You shouldn't have any trouble finding some games that suit your interests and preferences. (I personally prefer online sudoku puzzles!)

If you spend long periods of time working at your computer - students, office workers, and home-based business entrepreneurs - these are an excellent way to take a short break and refresh your mind. They can take your mind off of stress for a few minutes and they're generally free.

Simply do an online search on Google, Yahoo, MSN (or any search engine) and you'll get a number of websites popping up that offer a variety of free games. There are also websites that offer more elaborate stress reliever games. Most of these sites allow you to try a demo version before buying a game.

Some of the websites may require you to register in order to access their free games. But I easily found sites where the registration was free - no obligation.

Online stress reliever games include action games, puzzle games, arcade games, or word games. You'll find choices in the level of difficulty so you can be sure to keep the game enjoyable and relaxing. And during your leisure time you could even join in some multi-player games as well as join online game tournaments.

One other tip regarding the online games: Don't choose very violent games because they do NOT relax you. These games are not effective at relieving stress.

What's the theory on how these stress reliever games actually reduce your stress? The logic is similar to that of concentrative meditation, Dharana, from yoga. Essentially your mind thinks only about one object and avoids other thoughts. By focusing on the stress reliever game your mind cannot think about the source of stress. Therefore your mind becomes relaxed and you have relieved your stress.

At the end of the day or on weekends you may want to engage in some outdoor stress reliever games. Play tennis and soccer, for example, for a while and you'll exhaust the stress hormone stores. This decreases the stress hormone levels. And the result of that is a reversal of all the physiological changes of stress leading to relaxation of your body and mind. Similar to a "runner's high," most people express sensations of pleasure, intense involvement, and often altered states from participating in outdoor stress reliever games.

Stress reliever games are quite popular. And like we mentioned, there are counselors and psychologists who consider them an effective stress management tool when used wisely (as outlined in this article). Explore the subject; find games you like. Play the stress reliever games and relax. You deserve it.

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